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YouTube ad testing was not enjoyable but its seems stopped now

Youtube ad testing

YouTube has reportedly increased the number and frequency of non-skippable ad testing.

Recent complaints have been made over the YouTube unskippable ad testing. Team YouTube on Twitter recently reacted to a user’s question about two to five unskippable commercials. These are presumably “bumper commercials,” which play before your video starts.

Users on Reddit noticed more frequent multi-ad pauses. Even browsing to one’s profile brought up an ad, one Roku user said.

YouTube’s help page says non-skippable commercials are six to fifteen seconds long. YouTube adverts fund the platform and its creators on the free version.

The increase in commercials frustrates viewers who are constantly distracted. Some Redditors call the issue “unbearable.”

YouTube acknowledged to 9to5Google that these “ad pods” were part of a global trial while watching lengthier films on TVs. The corporation stated this “little experiment” is ended, but its future is unclear. YouTube may return to “ad pods” in the future, perhaps in a new format, or it may stick to longer, unskippable commercials. Statement:

At YouTube, we’re focused on helping brands connect with audiences around the world, and we’re always testing new ways to surface ads that enhance the viewer experience. We ran a small experiment globally that served multiple ads in an ad pod when viewers watched longer videos on connected TVs. The goal is to build a better experience for viewers by reducing ad breaks. We have concluded this small experiment.

This format initially surfaced in 2018, meant to front-load commercials to prevent disruptions during two-hour video studies on The Vampire Diaries. YouTube’s goal is to decrease breaks, even if that means increasing pre-video commercials. If you don’t like that arrangement, the corporation will offer you a membership.

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