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Home » XGIMI Magic Lamp combines projector, ceiling light, and Harman Kardon speakers.

XGIMI Magic Lamp combines projector, ceiling light, and Harman Kardon speakers.

XGMI Magic Lamp

With so many smart home devices, you might quickly accumulate superfluous gadgets. XGIMI combines living room tech into one projector to overcome this problem. XGIMI Magic Lamp combines a ceiling light, short-throw projector, and wireless speaker. With the new technology, any area can become a home theatre. It saves running wires and buying more gadgets. Nice, eh?

It’s a digital projector first and foremost. Its 0.7:1 short throw ratio can project a 100-inch image from 1.5m away. With a projection angle of up to 32°, XGIMI promises non-destructive viewing. The 1080p XGIMI Magic Lamp has 1200 lumens. You may stream video from your smartphone or tablet using AirPlay.

The Magic Lamp is three-in-one. The projector has 2.1-channel, 28W Harman Kardon speakers. Bluetooth speakers enable Dolby Atmos and spatial mapping. In addition it’s wireless and a superb video speaker. You can also use the speaker for audio.

The Magic Lamp is a ceiling light. It looks and works like a regular ceiling light. However, the app controls the 3000 lumen LED light. XGIMI’s Elfin projector has three gadgets, yet we gave it four stars. Moreover, The Magic Lamp has enormous expectations.

Thanks to a newly built optical engine, you may adjust the lamp’s projection up and down by 1 metre (3 feet). In China, the device has a proprietary interface that connects to entertainment centres. Moreover, XGIMI told us that for a worldwide launch, the business plans to include Android TV. Furthermore, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will provide voice control of lights, sound, and projection.

XGIMI’s Magic Lamp isn’t new. However, Third-generation release. XGIMI’s home market sold over 200,000 units. The lamp costs $1,170 in China, so we expect a similar pricing in the US and Europe. This all-in-one solution may cost more than buying each product separately, but it saves space.

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