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Which earbuds win: Pixel Buds Pro or AirPods Pro?

Pixel Buds Pro or AirPods Pro

Google’s next-generation truly wireless earphones are now “Pro.” We’ve used the Pixel Buds Pro for a few days and wanted to share our thoughts. Here’s a quick review upon Pixel Buds Pro or AirPods Pro.

$199 Pixel Buds Pro launch Thursday. I’ve tested them for many days and think they’re a nice, cheaper option to Apple’s $249 AirPods Pro, but they’re slightly inferior.

Google sells headphones and just released phones with its own CPUs. Google is an advertising corporation, unlike Apple, which sells hardware and software. Hardware isn’t huge. Alphabet’s ad revenue was $56.3 billion out of $69.69 billion in the second quarter.

What’s Bad about Pixel Buds Pro

Pixel Buds Pro work like most true wireless earphones. On-ear touch controls let you control playback and shift between ANC and Transparency modes.

Pixel Buds Pro have a Mentos-like shape like the A-series.
Volume controls are performed by swiping forward (volume up) and backward (volume down). It’s good not to have to tap something in my ear to control the level. The touch-sensitive surface has a matte texture, so swiping over it can tug. Since these new earphones lack stabilizing fins, that’s a concern. I’ve pulled out my right earbud a few occasions when trying to boost the volume. In-ear detection pauses music on Pixel Buds Pro.

The answer to Pixel Buds Pro or AirPods Pro is not as easy as it seems as there are various factors in line. In conclusion,  preference is to AirPods Pro since they operate equally well with Android and iOS. But, if you want to save some money, the Pixel Buds Pro are the next best thing. The Buds Pro have a long battery life and seamlessly move between devices. The quality is virtually as good as Airpods Pro, but the shape is bulkier.

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