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WhatsApp beta adds heart emojis and in-app support for android

Whatsapp Beta updates

WhatsApp beta-tested “beating” heart emoji for iOS users in January. The feature was later disabled for unexplained reasons. Android users who have been waiting for this feature will be glad to hear it’s coming.

Animated Heart Emojis

WABetaInfo discovered this unreleased feature. When enabled, all heart emojis will be animated. The recipient must also have animation enabled to view it. Uncertain if iOS will re-release the heart emoji animation.

Telegram has more animated emoji replies and stickers than WhatsApp. It lets you convert videos into stickers using any video editor. Telegram Premium will soon introduce animated stickers and 10 new emoji reactions. WhatsApp is just getting started with animated emojis and has few stickers. WhatsApp updated group calls and privacy options recently.

Because the feature is only available to some beta testers, users may need version updates to use it.

In-App Support

Consider WhatsApp’s new help function. In-app support was hidden and deactivated in Android beta from March 2021. The same feature was introduced in WhatsApp betas for Android and iOS 22.2.72.

In WhatsApp Settings > Help > Contact Us, users can respond to messages in a chat window. The chats include a green verified checkmark to prove they’re from WhatsApp and keep you safe.

This capability can provide WhatsApp your network info, WhatsApp version, OS kind and version, etc. Users can opt not to disclose this information.

WhatsApp tested animated, multicoloured heart emojis before the New Year. The feature wasn’t initially available to all users, but it’s now being rolled out.

WhatsApp Messenger beta for iOS 22.2.72 and WhatsApp Business beta for iOS 22.2.72 have animated hearts emoji.

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