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Unagi new electric scooter adds a longer range with mutual mobility

Unagi Electric Scooter

The Model One Voyager is the new electric scooter from Unagi. Unagi’s concept of stylish shared micromobility isn’t a beat-up, germ-covered electric scooter. Instead, the e-scooter company is releasing a unique version for hotels, luxury residences, and coworking spaces.

“Unagi on Demand” launches at the Hoxton Hotel in Los Angeles, Common Luxury Apartments, Nap York Sleeping Pods, and The Yard Coworking in New York City. Unagi’s current business plan focuses on e-scooter sales and subscriptions.

Unagi is converting its business strategy to subscriptions.

“This fits into our overall strategy as we’re choosing locations that don’t require the brutal logistics and unit economics that ride-sharing services are subjected to, that from our perspective make those models very hard to thrive,” David Hyman, CEO and founder of Unagi, told TechCrunch. “It also functions as a marketing vehicle for our scooter rental subscription service. We like for people to get exposed to experience in a hotel and then want one for their everyday use. Essentially, it’s not our core business, but complementary. We started it because of numerous inbound requests.”

Hyman thinks Unagi On-Demand can be a long-term revenue driver for the company, given the opportunity to expand beyond these initial experiments. Unagi will have six cars at the Hoxton, six at Nap York, eight at Common Luxury, and 12 at Yard.

“Obviously getting large-scale hotel chains and real estate developers with mass quantities of properties is the goal,” said Hyman. He further added that Unagi has a major rollout with a relationship it can’t yet name.

Hyman said many companies providing Unagi’s scooters just want to offer guests additional convenience.

“Unagi is a perfect fit with the culture, community, and design focus of our co-working spaces.” said Michelle Segev, senior operations manager at The Yard. “Unagi adds a super convenient transportation amenity to members at the Yard, allowing them to focus on their business rather than the logistics of running errands and getting to meetings around the city”


Before, Unagi allowed users to buy a scooter outright or pay a $50 membership fee that covered maintenance and repair. Voyager costs $67/month. You may subscribe through Unagi’s website and find the vehicle in places like Best Buy.

Make sure you’re ready before buying a Model One Voyager. London, for example, bans standup electric scooters.

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