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TWRP 3.7 supports Android 12 and more devices

TWRP 3.7

You must root and install a custom recovery on your Android phone before flashing a custom ROM or modifying the system partition. TeamWin Recovery Project, or TWRP, is the most popular custom recovery in the modding community. In November 2017, TWRP launched v3.6 with Android 11 support and a speedier install method. A year later, TWRP 3.7 offers Android 12 support and other updates.

TWRP 3.7 features a new Android 12 and 12L branch for compatibility. This allows data encryption on newer devices (via XDA). Android 11 and Android 9 have been improved for older devices. Unofficial TWRP builds for Android 12 existed, but an official release means improved stability and fewer issues.

TWRP 3.7.0 updates

This release splits TWRP into three branches. Android-12.1 allows data decryption on Android 12/12L devices, making it the default target for newer devices. Android-11 received backported features from its successor for compatibility. Android-9.0 can still build most legacy devices.

Android 11.1, 12.1 branch

  • MTP error handling for FFS devices – nijel8
  • module loading opt-in – CaptainThrowback
  • SELINUX missing contexts – CaptainThrowback
  • Remove more deprecated code with encrypted backups – CaptainThrowback
  • Theme versioning ported to golang – AndroiableDroid
  • Python support in TWRP – CaptainThrowback
  • Chinese Language updates – bluehomewu
  • Exclude /data/extm – sekaicg
  • MTP fixes for copying files > 4G – sekaicg
  • Configure HW binaries in vendor – bigbiff
  • Do not force super volumes RO – me-cafebabe
  • Unlock all block partitions in setup – me-cafebabe
  • RapidXML bail on binary xml – me-cafebabe
  • symlink for logical partition created only when it exists – me-cafebabe
  • Theme variables for status bar icons – Yilliee
  • Board defined exclusions for backup directories – DarthJabba9
  • Polish language updates – kacskrz
  • include fastbootd with board variable – me-cafebae
  • unlock block devices during zip install – bigbiff
  • Mount partitions as RO when updating size – me-cafebabe
  • Allow unmap super devices on A only devices – me-cafebabe
  • Unlock block partitions before reflashing TWRP

12.1 Branch

  • BASH and nano fixes during build – CaptainThrowback
  • zip install enhancements – DarthJabba9
  • Android 12 Encryption Support – bigbiff
  • Dependency fixes for A12 – me-cafebabe
  • cryptfs-hw fixes – me-cafebabe
  • FDE compatibility – me-cafebabe
  • boot-hal 1.2 support – tnakamur
  • boot-hal library fixes – CaptainThrowback
  • Do not include fastbootd for all devices – me-cafebabe
  • kernel module loading – wait for battery sysfs to initialize – sekaicg
  • Fix installing a custom theme – sekaicg
  • Update handling of XML binary files in android 12 – me-cafebabe
  • Skip decryption fix – sekaicg
  • Integrated code for ABX xml files – _that and DarthJabba9

How to Download

Most supported devices use TWRP 3.7.0. Visit the official TWRP website to obtain the latest build. Check your device’s XDA sub-forum for more device-specific instructions when the updated build goes available.

Download TWRP

If you want to download TWRP without a PC/Mac, use the app. The app notifies you of updated custom recovery versions.

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