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Home » Tim cook refusing RCS support on iMessage: ‘Buy your mom an iPhone’

Tim cook refusing RCS support on iMessage: ‘Buy your mom an iPhone’

Tim Cook

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said that the company wouldn’t use RCS messaging to get rid of the green bubbles that appear around messages sent from an iPhone to an Android phone.

Cook was asked how Apple founder Steve Jobs would feel about using the RCS standard in iMessage at Vox Media’s Code 2022 event on Wednesday night. He said, “I don’t hear our users asking that we put a lot of energy into that right now.” Cook instead said, “I’d love to get you to switch to an iPhone.”

Tim Cook on RCS

Cook: “I don’t see our users requesting that right now.” I’d love to get you an iPhone.”

The questioner explained that he can’t email his mum specific videos because of SMS. Cook said, “Buy your mom an iPhone.”

RCS would provide iMessage-like features to iPhone and Android cross-platform communication. RCS offers improvements over SMS. Typing indicators, enhanced group chats, higher-res and larger attachments, etc.

Google has launched a campaign urging Apple to adopt RCS. Google ads say “Fix Apple”

Apple should fix messaging.

Bubble colour is irrelevant. Tiny images and videos, no wifi texting, no read receipts. Apple creates problems when we text from iPhones and Android phones, but doesn’t repair them.

Apple has no reason to adopt RCS and instead updates iMessage. The business improved iPhone and Android SMS, adding Tapbacks in iOS 16. Apple has no other plans for RCS.

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