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Tiktok Now has just been released thought to be a BeReal Clone

Tiktok Now BeReal Clone

Daily TikTok updates. Called TikTok Now, this one is particularly interesting because it’s a clone of BeReal, which is another app actively stealing attention away from TikTok. TikTok now has its own app, TikTok Now. It’s all here.

TikTok Now

TikTok copied BeReal’s new functionality in September 2022.

BeReal encourages users to snap front and back camera photos at various times every day to get a more genuine image of their day. Like TikTok Now. TikTok Now invites “you and your pals to capture what you’re doing in the moment” You’ll get a daily reminder to take a photo or video to share what you’re doing.

Tiktok’s Story Behind

BeReal urges users to take a front and back camera photo at a random moment every day to get a more accurate image of what our friends are doing (although you can wait to publish till you’re doing something interesting). Snapchat and Instagram include front and back camera functions, while Instagram is reported to be working on a time-based feature. TikTok was the first app to copy BeReal verbatim.

The company’s blog says, “TikTok Now invites you and your friends to capture what you’re doing in the moment.” You’ll get a daily reminder to take a 10-second video or a snapshot to share your day.

When BeReal goes out, users get a push message saying “it’s time to BeReal” with alert emojis. TikTok’s notification is “Time to Now,” which doesn’t have the same ring as BeReal.

TikTok now offers the capability to U.S. customers. “Now” appears next to the posting button in the mockup photos. We haven’t seen the feature. In some regions, TikTok Now is a standalone app.

If you don’t switch off your location on BeReal, you could mistakenly share your street name with all of your friends. BeReal is for your inner circle, but c’mon. Web. It’s public! TikTok’s mockups of TikTok Now don’t show location.

TikTok Now provides privacy protections at launch. If someone under 16 registers for TikTok Now, their account will be secret by default. BeReals TikTok Now users must be 18 to share on Explore Feed. 13- to 15-year-olds can only comment on postings by friends who follow them back. Even for users 18+, the default setting allows only friends to access your postings, although they can change it if they choose.

TikTok Now where?

The TikTok Now iOS app is available: Germany, Qatar, Poland, Belgium, New Zealand, Guatemala, Austria, Bahrain, South Africa, Finland, Ghana, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Greece, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Israel, Nigeria, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Algeria, Malaysia, Sweden, Italy, Morocco, Lebanon, Mexico, Denmark, Egypt, Dominican Republic, and Romania.

Bermuda has TikTok Now for Android.

Free TikTok Now?

Yes, both the TikTok app and standalone app are free. The finest iPhone apps for productivity, travel, reading, music, and more.

TikTok Now beyond the US?

TikTok hasn’t said if the functionality will launch outside the US.

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