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The WhatsApp 3 New Privacy Features Coming!

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WhatsApp users worry about their online activity being advertised without their authorization. Meta has upgraded its privacy features.

You won’t have to sneak out of a WhatsApp group at 2 AM in 2022. Details are here under.

WhatsApp has added long-requested capabilities to help safeguard messages and protect online privacy.

1. Leave Groups Silently on WhatsApp

In August 2022, you’ll be able to leave a WhatsApp group without telling everyone. However only admins are alerted.

This will minimise drama or shame when quitting a group and the inevitable DMs asking why you left. Furthermore those who want to leave parties quietly would appreciate this feature.

2. Choose who can see your online status

WhatsApp first showed who was online. Then you could disguise your online status. Only contacts and those you’ve messaged could see you online. WhatsApp lets you choose who can see you online. Moreover one can only hope that your non-white-listed friends and family won’t be offended.

3. Screenshot BlockingĀ 

View Once is another useful privacy feature. Once viewed, the media is gone. Ideal for transferring passwords, passcodes, and bank details. Nothing prevented the recipient from capturing a screenshot and saving the message.

New screenshot blocking is being tested. Mark the image or video as View Once, and WhatsApp will block the recipient from capturing a screenshot and display a notice alerting them they can’t save it.

Even so, they may still take a shot of the View Once image using another phone or camera. It’s a welcome privacy boost.


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