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The next Quest VR headset from Meta will come out in October.

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Since it was first mentioned at Meta’s Connect conference last year, we’ve been getting little bits of information about the company’s high-end VR headset, which is called “Project Cambria.” Mark Zuckerberg has now confirmed that his company’s next VR headset will come out in October.

Zuckerberg stopped by the studio of Joe Rogan, who used to host Fear Factor, for a recent episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. During the interview, Zuckerberg said that the next headset from Meta will come out in October.

“There are a few big features on the next device, which will come out in October,” said Zuckerberg. The CEO of Meta then went on to talk about how the device can track a person’s face. This enables users make eye contact, facial expressions, and more in real time.

As of right now, no other headset on the market can track your whole face like this one can. HTC does sell an add-on for its Vive headsets, but it only lets you track your face in part.

Even though he doesn’t say the name Project Cambria, the way he talks about the device throughout the interview fits with what we already know about it. This includes a screen with a high resolution, built-in eye-tracking sensors, and advanced passthrough augmented reality.

A report from Bloomberg says that Project Cambria could be called Meta Quest Pro. If Zuckerberg’s headset is the Meta Quest Pro, it will cost more than the Quest 2, even though its price just went up.

UploadVR says that the price of Project Cambria will likely be much higher than $800. This means that enthusiasts and developers are probably more likely to use it. Project Cambria and Quest 2 will retail simultaneously, and Meta may make a cheaper version of Quest 2 soon.

Meta announced at the end of July that the Quest 2’s base model, with 128GB of storage, would go from $299 to $399, and that the model with 256GB of storage would go from $399 to $499.

Many industry experts say Meta can’t sustain selling headsets at a loss, especially with Apple likely to enter the market.

This new headset will be pricier than the Quest 2, both at its previous and new rates.

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