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The good and bad news about Google Tensor G2 leaked

Tensor G2

Google Tensor G2, the new chipset that will power the Pixel 7 series, will keep the same X1, A76, and A55 CPU cores (2+2+4) as the original. Developer Kuba Wojciechowski adds to that allegation by reviewing a Geekbench result and other clues.

The Tensor G2 will be produced on Samsung’s 4nm technology, boosting CPU clock speeds. Two Cortex-X1 cores have a 50MHz ceiling raised to 2.85GHz, while two Cortex-A76 cores have a 100MHz limit raised to 2.35GHz.

The G2 still employs A76 cores, which are two generations old (they were superseded by the A77 and A78). Not to mention the new ARMv9 cores, which replace the X3, A715, and A510. Going to ARMv9 requires a redesign.

Wojciechowski thinks that clock speed spikes can boost multi-core performance by 10% and single-core by 1%. But the developer says this may not be a negative thing as Geekbench only evaluates peak performance. ARM’s newer designs give more performance at the cost of higher power drain and heat, which is causing phone makers difficulty.

The Tensor G2 CPU seems to be the only portion that hasn’t altered.

The Mali-G78 MP20 GPU will be replaced with the Mali-G710 from the Dimensity 9000. The new GPU is 20% quicker and 20% more efficient than the G78 for graphics rendering and 35% faster at machine learning. Actual improvement depends on core count and frequency; it’s unknown.

What Did we learn?

Developer claims Tensor G2 has a Mali-G710 GPU. Arm says you should expect a 20% performance and 20% efficiency boost over the Mali-G78 on the same process with this GPU. Moreover Google’s transition to 4nm could yield an even bigger increase. Upgraded silicon may please gamers.

Benchmark tests can be fooled, thus they’re not the ideal leak source. Furthermore Wojciechowski believes this is a credible breach, citing the device’s unique build ID, kernel build, and CPU core frequencies.

This test and analysis follows 2022 leaks. Leaks suggested the Tensor G2 had Cortex-A55 CPU cores, a 4nm architecture, and an Exynos 5300 modem. Hope the modem change improves Pixel 6 series connectivity.

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