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Home ยป The Apple Watch Series 8 will be released at the same time as the iPhone 14.

The Apple Watch Series 8 will be released at the same time as the iPhone 14.

Apple Watch 8 series

Apple Watch 8 may join iPhone 14 on September 7.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple will hold a virtual launch event on September 7 to announce new iPhones and Apple Watches. Apple’s Series 8 smartwatch range will comprise the Apple Watch 8, 8 Pro, and SE 2.

According to Gurman, we may not have to wait long after the September Apple event to acquire the next Apple Watch models. Some Apple Store personnel have been ordered to prepare for a new product release on September 16. It’s unclear if this pertains to the Apple Watch, but most signals point to the Apple Watch Series 8 being released soon.

Expected Upgrades

Gurman claimed Apple will include women’s health features and a body-temperature sensor to Series 8 watches. The Apple Watch 8 should look similar to the Apple Watch 7.

Apple Watch 8 Pro and Apple Watch SE may get improvements. The Apple Watch 8 Pro is rumoured to have a bigger touchscreen, a titanium case, upgraded fitness tracking, and better battery life. The second-generation Apple Watch SE will have a speedier CPU and be the cheapest of three new smartwatches.

This doesn’t contradict Apple Watch 8 rumours, but we hope for additional upgrades. However It appears likely that the Apple Watch 8 Pro will emerge with major advancements over the Apple Watch 7.

Apple Watch 8 competitor

Samsung’s latest smartwatch is Apple Watch 8’s fiercest rival. Samsung just announced the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 skin temperature sensor and better battery life are comparable to predicted Apple Watch 8 enhancements.

Google Pixel Watch is the smartwatch wild card. It’s expected to launch in October with the Pixel 7, but Google hasn’t announced it. Moreover it’s expected to be similar to the Apple Watch, but with a smaller battery.

Samsung and Google both make Android-friendly smartwatches. They aren’t Apple Watch 8 competitors. However, like other smartwatches, they’re a way to join a mobile OS environment.

The Apple Watch SE 2 may be the best competitor to Apple’s flagship model. Moreover people may prefer the cheaper wearable if the Apple Watch 8 isn’t enough of an upgrade. however, we may not have to wait long to see this year’s Apple Watch lineup.

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