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Home » The Android 13 QR code scanner is on this phone along with Android 12L

The Android 13 QR code scanner is on this phone along with Android 12L

Android 13 feature

Android 12 has added many new features, and Android 13 new feature may add the ability to scan QR codes from the lock screen.

Android Police says screenshots show a “show QR scanner” lock screen option. This feature can be toggled quickly. Samsung offers this feature, while Google may add it soon.

It’s unclear if activating QR Code scan will launch a new app or Google Lens. Android 13 lets apps tap nearby devices to transfer media.

Google’s UI demos for Android 13’s “Media TTT” Android 13 devices can transfer media to a nearby speaker or other device by getting close to it, reports Android Police.

Android 13 improves Bluetooth audio streaming. Google has added LE Audio codec (LC3) to system settings. Supported devices will try to establish an LE Audio connection before any other when connecting to an audio device, reports Android Police.

Rahman confirms the latest 12L update rolled out in the last few days, and that’s when the QR code scanner tile and lock screen shortcut appeared. We’ve seen these features in Android 13 beta, but this is the first time they’ve appeared in older versions.

The new QR code scanner is built into Android 13, so it’s not a third-party app. Rahman says Jio may have implemented a QR code scanner, but he’s unsure why. He suggests the company backported some Android 13 framework changes, but that’s unclear.

India, JioPhone Next’s primary market, uses QR codes for payments. The company may have wanted to release this feature before Android 13.

This new tool is a tile in Android 13’s quick settings menu. You can also access the scanner from the lock screen. Considering how our usage has changed since Covid-19, a native Android QR code scanner makes sense. Android 13 will arrive on Pixel devices by August’s end.

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