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Spotify wants to hear from you as it tries out audio reaction for playlists.

Spotify audio reaction

Some early messages sent to some Spotify users show that the company is testing a new feature that lets users record their audio reaction to playlists.

Spotify is one of the greatest music and podcast providers on Android. With its recent testing, the music streaming startup seems to be focusing on community-centered music. TechCrunch noticed photos of this new feature in Vietnam on Reddit.

The new voice recording tool seems to focus on playlists, with a redesigned microphone symbol. Tap the icon to record your audio reaction to a playlist’s songs.

According to the photos, users can record a whole session at once or pause to produce numerous snippets. Early testing reveal you can add background music and tag the playlist you’re talking about during editing. When finished, the recording would be a podcast.

TechCrunch speculates that the recorded clip could be displayed on the user’s profile page. Spotify acknowledged the test to TechCrunch without providing details.

“At Spotify, we are always looking for ways to enhance our users’ experience on our platform, and we regularly test features that we believe will bring value to listeners and creators. We are currently running a limited test of in-app audio creation, but have no further details to share at this time.”

Spotify moderates user voice recordings, as shown. “Rules to keep creators and fans safe,” claims the corporation. While this new capability is being evaluated, Spotify will likely enhance its safety parameters once it goes public.

Spotify is no stranger to empowering its community. The music streaming company brought in not only a TikTok-style podcast feed and also opened its video podcasting to more creators. With its increasing podcasting investments, it appears the corporation intends to make user contributions easier.

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