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Snapchat ‘s Dual Camera feature isn’t quite a BeReal copycat

Snapchat Camera

Snapchat is adding a new feature named Dual camera to its main camera, allowing users to capture photo and video using the front- and back-facing cameras on their phones at the same time.

Dual camera was introduced in April as part of Snapchat’s director mode, which will provide users more creative capabilities. Snapchat’s dual camera feature arrives as BeReal, a photo-sharing app using both cameras, gains popularity.

BeReal’s attractiveness lies on its limited features and mundane interface. It only allows photographs, has one layout, and no modifying tools. BeReal is inferior to Snapchat. Users can choose from vertically stacked, side-by-side, picture-in-picture, and cutout layouts. Snap says dual camera content can be edited with lenses, stickers, and music.

BeReal has reached 30.7 million downloads this year as of late July, per Apptopia, and its twin camera features are hard to forget. Snapchat’s timing doesn’t seem coincidental. Moreover Instagram added Dual to Reels’ toolbar screen. Meta-owned startup alleged to be working on BeReal clone that dares users to post candid images in two minutes. Snapchat’s Dual Camera is different. Instead of replicating another app, the feature takes advantage of most devices’ two cameras.

Is this a desperate attempt to capture BeReal’s hype? Snapchat handed out this feature as part of its creator-focused Director Mode in April, so it’s not new (though it could’ve been a response to BeReal back then). These features are fun and innovative, so who cares? BeReal didn’t invent twin cameras.

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