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Home ยป Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 adopts amazing Android 12L upgrade

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 adopts amazing Android 12L upgrade

Android 12 L upgrade

There’s been a lot of talk about Samsung’s 2022 folding phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4.

The Z Fold 4 has a new Google Android 12L feature thanks to Samsung’s One UI software skin. I think it’s exciting.

Taskbar. It’s a taskbar that appears by default where Android’s softkey controls are, offering up to eight app shortcuts on the unfolded device’s larger screen.

Taskbar mirrors your Android homescreen’s bottom row. Setting up the Z Fold 4 will include Samsung-specific apps, but you can swap for Spotify, TikTok, or whatever you want. You can launch these apps without returning to the homescreen.

Taskbar doesn’t replace Samsung’s Edge Panels feature, a similar tab you can drag to the screen’s edge to access apps and contacts. The Z Fold 4 had Taskbar and Edge Panels.

This year, Google released Android 12L for tablets, foldables, and big screens. It adds a taskbar at the bottom of the screen that can hold six apps and switch between two. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 ships with Android 12L, and the taskbar shows up to eight app shortcuts and recent apps. A new rumour suggests Samsung could add a taskbar to older Galaxy Z Fold devices with a One UI update.

One UI 4.1.1 could give older Samsung foldable a taskbar

Samsung will update older Galaxy Z Fold devices with One UI 4.1.1 “later this year,” according to a leak (via GSMArena). If true, older Galaxy Z Fold devices will benefit from improved multitasking. The taskbar can also open apps in split-screen view. It works with button- and gesture-based navigation, and you can hide it by long-pressing.

The Korean giant has added features to older devices. Software updates brought many Galaxy S22 features to the Galaxy S21 and older flagship Galaxy S/Note lineup. Samsung’s move isn’t completely unexpected. Unknown is whether the taskbar will come to older Galaxy Z Fold devices or just Z Fold 3 from last year.

Samsung is already beta testing One UI 5 for the Galaxy S22 series, so the next One UI 4 minor point release is unlikely. Only Galaxy Z Fold/Flip should get it.

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