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Samsung Z Fold 4: Phone, tablet, PC (Android dream phone)

Samsung Z fold 4

According to leaker Ice Universe, the samsung Z Fold 4 will be lighter, potentially 263 g. Still heavier than other phones, but closer to slabs. 240 g: iPhone 13 Pro Max. I mean a gold-colored phone. Previous Z Fold phones had a thick design and were heavy. I sometimes wear skinny jeans, and putting a Z Fold in a pocket or pulling it out while sitting was a surprise. Z Fold 2 in pocket. Things haven’t improved much, but maybe 2022 will be the year.

Not only that, but we have reasons to believe that the Samsung Z Fold 4 is packing a new, slimmer hinge, which will not only potentially make it slimmer, but when it’s closed, it’ll feel more compact. We had a hefty hinge to the left of the display until now. Samsung could design a thinner hinge. Apparently so!

So what may you do with the Z Fold 4 when it is closed like that? Everything a generic slab phone can do. Check your notifications, reply to messages, write messages, ignore ex-messages, scroll Instagram to see what they’re up to – all that good, bizarrely specific, dull stuff.

Unfold it for gaming, web surfing, and working on a larger screen

All signs point to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 having a bigger display than previous models, making it better for social media and movies. Both its outer and inner folding displays are getting side ratio updates. It’s not a huge show change, but it’s pleasant. Now that your Z Fold 4 has been opened like a book and you’re looking at this slightly broader, stunning, AMOLED, high-refresh rate show, the options are unlimited. What would you do with this medication, which was a cellphone 5 seconds ago? Here’s what I might do.

Gaming is more than a phone but more comfortable than a tablet

Mobile gaming… Well, I’ve spent enough time with the previous Z Folds to know something most mobile players don’t: playing on your phone puts you at a disadvantage compared to tablet gamers who see more clearly. Holding the massive, heavy slab of glass and steel for long periods and straining your thumbs to push the on-screen touch controls is hardly an epic experience.

Due to its square-ish display and lightweight build, the Galaxy Z Fold is the best mobile gaming device (than even a small pill).

It’s easier to reach all the touch controls with your thumbs than a landscape tablet.

I remember playing Asphalt 9 on the Z Fold 3 and having a blast – with the Z Fold’s twin stereo audio system blaring superior tunes around me, the magnificent AMOLED show making the sport’s already fantastic graphics even prettier, and yep – it was quite cosy to game for long lengths of time.

Even if you don’t like the Z Fold as a productivity machine, it’s a great mobile gaming device. No way. Oh, I’m excited to play Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 soon.

Relive one of my favourite 90s video games on this cutting-edge 2022 technical marvel, which we degrade by calling “a cellphone.” “Greater than”…

Even better multitasking than before!

I loved browsing the web on a Z Fold. The screen is smaller than a typical tablet, but it’s more manageable and looks beautiful.

What if you want to multitask on your phone? Or two? Or, I know it’s absurd, four or more?

I’m one of those psychopaths who watches videos while scrolling around social media or the web, maybe exploring two or more stores at once to buy my new Bluetooth speaker.
I often have to respond to messages while watching videos, and I don’t appreciate having to switch apps.

What, the 2000s? Multitasking is important. Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be next-level.

Earlier Z Folds could run three apps in a split display. If you like chaos, you can run more apps over these. Samsung was generous with energy-saving options.

But there’s more coming – a “swipe for split screen” option for faster and more natural multitasking, and maybe a new way to switch apps?

iPadOS 16 gets Stage Supervisor, which adds Mac-like multitasking with a set dock and windowed programs. I’d like to see a fixed dock on the Z Fold 4.

New S Pens

You’re on a video call on half the screen and using notes on the other. Since you’re horrible at rejecting people, you pretend to write down “important intel” from your best friend’s girlfriend’s cousin.

But you’re going to use a touch keyboard in your notes app? Half-screen touch keyboard?

The Z Fold 4 will contain two S Pen styluses, so you can take notes like a pro.

The Z Fold 4 may update the S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro. I’d love to think the Z Fold 4 will have a S Pen slot, but I doubt it. Samsung is trying to make its foldable slimmer and lighter, so a stylus slot seems unrealistic. Still, Z Fold S Pen covers are available.

How do S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro differ? One is like the free S Pen you get with a mid-range Samsung tablet — no Bluetooth, no air gestures, just a basic, trustworthy stylus.

The S Pen Pro is like the Bluetooth styluses we used to get with Galaxy Note phones – it supports air gestures, where you draw invisible symbols in the air with it like it’s a magic wand out of a Harry Potter movie, and your Z Fold would do something cool in response, like open an app. Unless Samsung comes up with something cooler, it’s just a more costly, rechargeable stylus.

So buy the S Pen Fold Edition, a Z Fold 4 case with a S Pen slot, and rock that baby like the multitasking businessman you are (or can feel like).

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