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Samsung will build Google’s Pixel 8 Tensor 3 chip.

Tensor 3 chip

Google and Samsung may be working on the Tensor 3 or Tensor 2.5 SoC. Samsung may be developing a successor to the Exynos 1280.

GalaxyClub claims Samsung is developing two new chipsets. S5P9865 is a new chipset. The initial Tensor model number was S5P9845, and Tensor 2 is likely to be S5P9855.

In addition to the model number, the chip may be tested under the term “Ripcurrent.” Compare this to the Tensor 2 codename, “Cloudripper.”

The rumour suggests Samsung is developing a semiconductor. This chip may replace the Exynos 1280 in the Samsung Galaxy A53. This SoC matches the model number pattern of the previous chip, with the 1280 chip having S5E8825 and the new chip having S5E8835. Exynos 1380 could be in next year’s Galaxy A54.

First Tensor is built on Samsung’s Exynos chips, however there are peculiarities. Samsung’s Exynos 2100 has newer A78 cores than the original Tensor’s A76 cores. Tensor had two high-performance Cortex X2 processors.

GalaxyClub says the second-gen Tensor processor will be a minor update from its predecessor, which resembles the Pixel 7 architecture. When the third-generation Tensor chip arrives, possibly with the Pixel 8 series, its performance and efficiency should improve.

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is in many of the top Android phones, offering Google competition. Qualcomm’s new technology has improved Samsung’s Galaxy phones and other new phones. We’ll see how the new Tensor chip compares to Qualcomm’s later this year.

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