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Home » Samsung to remove ‘Z’ from Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4

Samsung to remove ‘Z’ from Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4

The Z should be dropped from Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4. A political choice that simplifies Samsung’s foldable phones.

Samsung rebrands. Samsung has ditched its Galaxy Z line of foldable smartphones, SnoopyTech reports. Samsung’s next foldable smartphones would be affected. So we’d have Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy Flip 4, not Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4.

Good Buy Z

The “Z” will no longer appear on the packaging of these two phones, according to the report. In many Japanese and European countries, Samsung has already dropped the “Z” from its Fold and Flip phones. Samsung hasn’t commented on the transfer, however it’s doubtless due to the Russian army portray “Z” on many of its automobiles as a logo of its invasion of Ukraine this year.

Samsung may think removing the “Z” will make the Fold 4 and Flip 4 names easier to remember. It Unpacked on August 10 should confirm this transfer. We’ll cover the event from all angles to tell you everything that will be announced.

Upcoming release for Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy Flip 4

The news supports this information. Samsung has already removed the letter Z from the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 in some countries bordering Russia, especially the Baltics, bolstering the SnoopyTech report.

On August 10, 2022, Samsung will present the Galaxy Fold 4 and Flip 4. Samsung may launch pre-orders soon after, with a release two weeks later. According to rumours, Samsung will also release new Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

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