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Samsung may get sued over the recent security breach and data leak

Samsung Security Breach

Samsung Electronics America may be sued over the cyberattack it disclosed last month. The security breach on Samsung network affected over 3,000 customers whose personal information was stolen.

A complaint filed in Nevada’s US District Court accuses Samsung of not reporting the data leak in time. Personal information, including contacts, names, birthdates, demographics, and product registration data, got stolen from thousands of customers in the United States earlier this summer. (via Bloomberg)

Bloomberg says that on September 6, a complaint was sent to the US District Court for Nevada. The complaint says that plaintiff Shelby Harmer and other customers who were affected by a cyberattack on Samsung were not told about it soon enough.

What was Samsung’s stance

The event described in the proposed lawsuit happened at the end of July 2022, when an unauthorized person stole personal information from Samsung’s US systems. This information included names, contact and demographic information, dates of birth, and information about when products were registered. After doing an investigation, the tech giant says it found out about the breach on or around August 4. But the problem that the complaint points out is that Samsung didn’t get in touch with its customers until the next month.

Samsung waited about a month to alert consumers. Despite saying it had secured its susceptible systems and was cooperating with authorities. The class action claims the company had enough time to tell individuals about the breach. Waiting is the same as not fulfilling its responsibility as a private information collector.

Most companies don’t find out about a data breach for weeks or even months. But if Samsung did find out about the breach around August 4, it’s hard to see why the company would wait until September to tell its customers.

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