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Samsung is giving the Galaxy S6 Series a small update

Samsung S6 Series

Samsung has been updating ancient Galaxy S handsets with a GPS fix. Last month, it was the 2017 Galaxy S8 and the 2016 S7. The Galaxy S6 series from 2015 gets an update.

Netherlands and Belgium have the update. Vodafone’s Dutch Galaxy S6 and S6 edge use firmware versions G920FXXU6EVG1 and G925FXXU6EVG3. Belgium updates SIM-free Galaxy S6 and S6 edge+.

This should eventually include all S6 versions, carrier, unlocked, and international. Check for updates manually if you don’t receive a notification. If not, be patient.

The update doesn’t specify a GPS repair, but it definitely is. The change log mainly mentions stability and bug fixes, “new and/or improved features,” and performance enhancements.

Software Update

We told you last month that Samsung had released an update for the Galaxy S7 and S8 that fixed GPS problems. The Galaxy S6 software update details don’t talk about GPS, but they do talk about improvements to stability, bug fixes, new and/or improved features, and performance improvements. Also, the update for the Galaxy S6 is only 13MB, which is much smaller than the updates for the S7 (31MB) and S8 (50MB) (420MB).

It’s not clear what all is included in the S6 update, but it could just be changes to the GPS, for example. It is also possible that the update will spread to other countries. Like the updates for the S7 and S8, this one won’t include a security patch.

Even though this update is a bit of a surprise, it seems to keep up with a recent trend that Samsung has been following. Samsung also recently updated the Galaxy A7, S5 Neo, S10e, and Note 10 in addition to these updates.

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