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Home ยป Samsung has once again lowered Galaxy Z Flip 3 trade-in values.

Samsung has once again lowered Galaxy Z Flip 3 trade-in values.

Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Samsung Z Flip 3 was great, but its successor is better. Flip 3 owners were excited to upgrade to the Samsung Z Flip 4 for minimum cost because to excellent trade-in value, however that bargain has been cut short. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable phone was updated last week. At the time, the business offered an appealing trade-in credit deal, decreasing the price of the new phone by up to $900. This deal has since changed. offered Galaxy Z Flip 4 “increased trade-in credits” of up to $900 on launch day, reducing the phone’s cost to $99. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 was qualified for a $900 trade-in credit, which made the deal even better.

Or atleast it was. now offers two alternatives for trading in the Galaxy Z Flip 3, 128GB and 256GB. On launch day, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 had one trade-in option, yielding $900. The 128GB model receives $700 in Flip 4 credit, while the 256GB model earns $900. The Galaxy Z Flip 3’s 128GB-to-256GB upgrade cost $100.

The corporation seems to have lowered its commitment for those who couldn’t afford it. While the 256GB version offers the same credit, the 128GB version only offers $700.

Samsung hasn’t explained the credit changes. While this was presumably the company’s original strategy, it’s possible that demand was too high.

Users should get the Z Flip 4 before trade-in values alter more. Pre-orders end Aug. 26.

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