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Home ยป Samsung Galaxy Z flip ad takes another jab at iPhone 14 users

Samsung Galaxy Z flip ad takes another jab at iPhone 14 users

Z Flip Ad

Samsung mocks Apple whenever a new iPhone is unveiled, and the iPhone 14 is no exception. Samsung’s latest Galaxy Z flip ad encourages iPhone owners to switch to the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

As usual, the Galaxy Z flip ad mocks iPhones by showing how almost everything flips like Samsung’s upcoming clamshell folding phone. The commercial came days after Samsung chastised Apple for lacking phone innovation.

A Galaxy Z Flip 4 user shows Elena, an iPhone user, her phone. The commercial promotes Flex mode and palm-gesture selfies.

Elena refused to convert to Samsung, claiming, “I adore my phone.” She typifies many iPhone customers who refuse to switch to the greatest Android phones.

In Samsung’s latest video, a girl shows her Galaxy Z Flip 4 to Elena. We see the clamshell design, Flex Mode, and palm gesture selfie-taking.

Elena says, referring to the iPhone, “I’d never switch to Samsung.” Rest of film shows her attempting to forget clamshell foldable but finding ordinary objects that remind her of it (such as books, a fridge door, and even a toilet lid).

The video closes with Elena buying a Galaxy Z Flip 4, with an onlooker probably repeating the cycle again.

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