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Home » Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Release date, price, rumours so far

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Release date, price, rumours so far

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event is in August. Here’s the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone news.

Samsung’s foldable phones disappoint. Last year’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 scored an 8/10 in our review—it wasn’t flawless, but it showed promise. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 may provide us a glimpse of what’s to come. Early rumours suggest Samsung will only make minor improvements to its foldables this year. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 have minor changes but appear the same.

We’re collecting all the rumours regarding the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s release date, price, new features and specs, and will be updating this story as new information becomes available. Here’s what we’ve heard so far. Just note that, since these are rumours, none of the specs have been confirmed by Samsung.

But to encourage people to reserve their phones early, from July 19 until Aug. 10, Samsung is offering an extensive list of discounts based on different bundles, from a maximum of $200 off for those reserving a Galaxy phone, watch and buds down to a minimum of $30 off for just reserving Galaxy buds. While this could be a hint of what’s coming at Unpacked, the savings could apply to older Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds models.

Launch Date and Price

Samsung will launch Galaxy Flip 4 on August 10. The phone will launch with Galaxy Z Fold 4. Samsung’s “Bespoke” customization system offers over 700 colour combinations for the Flip 4.

Unknown pricing. Samsung may not keep the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s $999 price for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Chip shortages, increased logistics costs, and other obstacles could raise smartphone prices.

Design and outlook

Leaks suggest the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will resemble its predecessor. Samsung could make a few design changes to make this upgrade worthwhile.

Most leakers agree the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will use last year’s 6.7-inch foldable screen. A better hinge could narrow the phone’s gap when closed. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 should have a less obnoxious crease.

Design Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4


Old rumors stated that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 would have three outer cameras, though such rumors now seem incorrect. New leaks from Yogesh Brar point to a 12MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 10 MP selfie camera. These are the same cameras we got with last year’s Galaxy Z Flip 3.

That’s a shame, because the Galaxy Z Flip 3 didn’t shoot amazing photos. The cameras were certainly usable, but they didn’t match the price of the phone and fell short of Samsung’s usual quality.

Some leaks claim that the Flip 4 will use an under-screen selfie camera, much like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. While an under-screen camera wouldn’t be much of a surprise, a traditional hole-punch lens seems more likely. This is supposed to be Samsung’s “affordable” foldable, after all.

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Other leaked specs and features

Here’s what we know about the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s specs and features.


The Galaxy Z Flip 4’s battery may be larger. Ice Universe claims Samsung’s foldable phone will have a 3,700-mAh battery. That’s 400 mAh more than 2016’s Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

Ice Universe claims the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 will use the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip. The new chip would boost performance over the Snapdragon 888-powered Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold 3.


MySmartPrice claims the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will come in blue, black, cream, and a lavender called Bora Purple.

We have some information to share while we wait for the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s release. You can read about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Samsung’s flagship phones on CNET. You can save $200 on Samsung’s new foldables before they launch.


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