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Home » Samsung Galaxy S series could remove all the physical button from its future phone

Samsung Galaxy S series could remove all the physical button from its future phone

Galaxy S series

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone maker, and its Galaxy S-series smartphones are among its best. Since the Galaxy S-series lineup’s last major redesign, years have passed.

Now, it looks that the South Korean firm plans to pull an Apple by deleting a smartphone feature. According to a source, Galaxy S smartphones may lack tactile buttons.

The article suggests a Samsung Galaxy S-series smartphone without physical buttons could emerge in 2025, making the Galaxy S25 the first with this modification.

How the company adds volume rocker and power button functions is unknown. There should also be a force-shutdown or restart option. Samsung must have thought about these issues and have answers if it plans to remove physical buttons.

The Galaxy S25 may be Samsung’s first phone without physical buttons, according to rumours. According to Samsung’s regular launch timetable, the Galaxy S25 is more than two years away, so it’s too early to forecast its fate.

According to tweets, the buttonless Galaxy S25 may be limited to KT Corporation, South Korea’s second-largest wireless carrier. The global Galaxy S25 edition may still have physical buttons, but the KT-exclusive variant may have a different design and new software functions.

Don’t base any plans on this rumour just yet. This claimed design modification has been rumoured before. The Galaxy Note 10 was reported to abandon physical keys years ago, and Samsung patents depicting buttonless versions exist. So, physical keys may never disappear. How would Samsung make this adjustment, and why, if the story is true? Share your ideas below.

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