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Samsung fears 2022 sales won’t match 2021.

samsung fears of sales

Samsung fears of sales decline: Samsung will reduce smartphone shipments by 40 million units in 2022, 10 million less than 2021

Samsung planned to build 334 million smartphones and export 300 million, according to TheElec. The tech titan will ship 260 million smartphones this year.

This is 10 million units less than Samsung 2021 sales goal and that’s the Samsung fears. The corporation established a 250 million unit objective for 2020, the lowest in recent years.

If you want to know why Samsung is making this change, it may have to do with problems in the market right now. Even though the pandemic may be having less of an effect on production, there are now new worries about the market. This includes recent problems with inflation, lower demand, and problems with the supply chain.

Even though Samsung may not plan to sell as many phones this year as it did last year, it still has a lot to be confident about this year. The Galaxy S22 has been selling well, and the company will soon release the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 phones, which people have been waiting for.

What about Samsung’s Tablet sales

Apple was the Q2 2022 tablet market leader, followed by Samsung. In the three months ended June, the Korean tech titan supplied 6.95 million tablets and retained a 20% market share. Samsung shipped 7.99 million tablets in Q2 2013 and held 20.5% of the market.

Lenovo was the third-largest OEM with about 50% of Samsung’s shipments. Lenovo, Apple, HP, Dell, and Samsung lead PC and tablet shipments combined.

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