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Home ยป Samsung created a ‘Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle’ to fix the Watch 5 Pro strap.

Samsung created a ‘Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle’ to fix the Watch 5 Pro strap.

Watch 5 Pro Charging Cradle

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and its D-Buckle band are incompatible with most wireless charging options. The smartwatch is incompatible with Wireless PowerShare unless the band removed, which isn’t the most elegant or convenient solution to a problem that shouldn’t have existed. Samsung seems aware of the problem and is launching a new charging stand.

Samsung’s USA homepage lists an unreleased “Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle.” Prospective customers can sign up for stock alerts to be notified when the Charging Cradle becomes available for purchase.

SamMobile found that Samsung’s website has a listing for an unreleased charging cradle that will let you use Wireless PowerShare without taking off the strap. From the listing, it looks like the charging cradle has a place for the watch on top and another device on the bottom.

Even though the Watch 5 Pro band is comfortable and easy to use, it has a big problem. It’s nearly tough to rest the Samsung Watch 5 Pro flat on the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo. You can put it down, but the strap will push the watch off the pad.

This has led to a flood of posts with clever ways to solve the problem. Some users have come up with tips and tricks to keep the Watch 5 Pro charging. While others have turned on their 3D printers and started making designs.

Aside from pictures, there doesn’t seem to be much information on the product page. From the page, we can only tell that the cradle will be a light grey colour. There doesn’t appear to be a price or release date for the cradle. You can, however, sign up to be told when the product is ready.

We hope Samsung will at least give owners of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro who want the cradle a discount. Even though it may not be Samsung’s intention, it may look like the company is trying to make money off of its mistake.

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