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Razor Two Seater 1,000W electric e-bike and a scooter too

Razr Scooter

Razor is a well-known scooter brand. Forget your nice Razor scooters. The firm has a new two-passenger, big-wheeled adult electric scooter. Razor’s EcoSmart Cargo.

The Razor EcoSmart Cargo is a seated scooter, but that’s not its only difference from standing scooters. This electric scooter includes a large rear rack that can accommodate cargo or a second seat.

There’s a rear wheel skirt and fold-down foot pegs to shield barking dogs. It’s a Vespa-style ride, although it’s not as retro. The rear passenger gets a soft seat and broad tyres to absorb bumps since there’s no suspension.

Features and specs

According to the Verge, the scooter’s olive green body and bamboo deck are elegant. The scooter’s high-torque, 1,000-watt motor and chain transmission can attain 19.9mph (32km/h) and 16.6 miles (26.7km).

It’s Razor’s quickest and most powerful scooter. Razor is doubling down on the adult scooter segment with this new model. The company expands its adult product range due to double-digit revenue growth between 2020 and 2021.

Other adult Razor scooters include the EcoSmart SUP, E300 HD, and C25, which each have a top speed of 15.5mph. Razor also debuted the Razor Icon, an electric version of its original kick scooters.

Power and versatility distinguish the EcoSmart Cargo. Razor says it’s built for “excellent performance and maximum utility” Its convertible rack system lets riders choose between an adult passenger seat, a basket, or a customised rack.

The 16-inch (406mm) wheels with fat pneumatic tires should provide for a pretty comfortable riding experience, even when bouncing over rough terrain. Razor says its 46.8V lithium-ion battery pack can run for 50 minutes.

Digital display shows speed, battery level, and speed level. A twist throttle and rear-disc brake move the scooter. Fenders protect motorcyclists from rain and debris. The padded seat is adjustable, and the bamboo deck includes grip tape to keep your feet in place.

Customers must decide if this is a more tough scooter, an e-bike with missing parts, or a skinnier moped. It looks like a combination between a RadRunner electric bike and Zoomers fat-tire scooters. More broadly, it’s an established company taking a risk on a new form factor, and that’s cool.

Price sells the $1,099.99 EcoSmart Cargo.

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