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PS5 Update adds 1440p, gamelists, and UX improvements

Ps5 Update

Sony’s new PS5 firmware update adds 1440p support, gamelists, and UX and social improvements. All PS5 customers may now download the 1440p update that began testing in July.

The new 1440p option allows PS5 owners to pick this resolution on compatible TVs and monitors. Unless a game fully supports 1440p, it will supersample down to 1440p to improve anti-aliasing. Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) will only work at 1080p and 4K on PS5.

This PS5 update includes gamelists, or game folders. Each gamelist can hold 100 games from the main game library. You can add disc, digital, and streaming games to 15 gamelists.

The PS5 update enables 1440p HDMI output on compatible TVs and monitors if the game supports it. “Test 1440p Output” may appear under “Screen and Video” in system settings. Sony says 4K gamers “may benefit from better anti-aliasing by supersampling down to 1440p”

Players can build game lists in their Game Library to organise games. “First, pick [Create Gamelist] from [Your Collection]. Choose games to add, then call it “”Sony”

Game lists can include 100 games and 15 users. Disc, digital, or streaming games can add to a list. Multiple lists help manage your game library. Unsure if these lists can be pin.

Other new PS5 features include the opportunity to compare 3D and stereo sound and choose one. In-progress activities will be shown “prominently” in the game hub so players can immediately pick up where they left off.

Players can now request party members to watch their games on their screen. “Select the party member from the voice chat card, then select [Request Share Screen],” Sony said.

Players will now receive a notification when they join a party and someone is playing a game they can join.

How to run your PS5 on 1440p

You’ll need the latest PS5 update and a 1440p monitor to play in 1440p mode. Settings > Screen and Video > Test 1440p Output. This verifies HDR modes and 1440p frame rates. If Settings > Screen and Video > Resolution is set to automatic, it will run at 1440p when possible, or you can manually change it to 1440p.

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