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Pixel 7 launch date and other details

Google Pixel 7

Google may introduce the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, the first Pixel Watch, and more after a May teaser. Google’s “Made by Google” event will air on October 6.

Numerous rumours claimed an October debut date for Google’s Pixel 7, which matches past timelines. Google is expected to reveal the Pixel 7 smartphone series and other goods at the event.

Above, it’s official. Google’s “Made by Google” 2022 event will be held on October 6 at 10 AM ET. Due to leaks and rumours, we already know what to expect.

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will compete with Apple’s iPhone 14. Then, Google might introduce the Pixel Watch and Tablet.

Pixel 7 launch date announced

Google’s Twitter account teased the event with a video showing forthcoming and existing gadgets including Pixel Buds Pro. Tweet. It highlights the growing Pixel family. A Pixel tablet and wristwatch were also hinted at.

This timing matches prior rumours that the Pixel 7 series (Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro) would be available for pre-order soon after the event. The Google flagship will reportedly go on sale October 13 in select markets. Recent sources claim the Pixel Watch will arrive with the smartphones.

Google teased the future devices during Google I/O 2022, showcasing designs and functionality. The Pixel 7 series appeared similar to other premium smartphones, save for the camera visor. A hands-on movie shows prototypes with slightly varying proportions.

Pixel 7 uses Tensor G2 chip

Google said the Pixel 7 series will come on October 6 and employ the second-generation Tensor G2 chip. The Google Tensor chip was manufactured by Samsung for the Pixel 6 series last year. This first-generation Tensor chip adds Google’s machine learning to Exynos-like processors.

The initial Google-made SoC has the model number GS2101, while the second-gen GS201 Tensor chip is expected to power the future Pixel phones. Updated Pixel 7 magazine page mentions Tensor G2 chip.

Based on the Pixel 6a, we should expect the Pixel 7a to have a Tensor chip. The business is reportedly developing a foldable smartphone. The Tensor G2 will reportedly give the Pixel 7 series more tailored photo and video features and improve security and speech recognition.

Google previewed the chipset for its forthcoming flagship smartphones, but said little about the software. Teaser trailer showed only external hardware. Security is mentioned, which could hint at face unlock or overall security upgrades.

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