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Pixel 7 and 7a may offer ‘better quality’ Bluetooth LE Audio

Bluetooth LE Audio

An Android code change relating to Bluetooth LE Audio hints at the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and 7a.

Google may improve Bluetooth audio for the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and 7a.

9to5Google identified a recent Android code modification that introduces higher-quality audio options than Android 13 includes by default. Android 13 added Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio support, but this goes farther (we’ll explain below).

Given that the code modification relates to higher bandwidth audio options, the next Pixel phones may have enhanced LE Audio. Pixel 7a’s inclusion hints the transition may be connected to the new Tensor processor, albeit that’s speculation.

Benefits of Bluetooth LE audio

LC3 audio codec compresses audio more efficiently than Bluetooth Classic. LC3 can be programmed to consume more or less data as needed, adapting on-the-fly for long distance connections or interference.

Both devices, such as your phone and earbuds, must support the same codecs and quality settings for audio to play correctly. If your Android phone doesn’t support Qualcomm’s aptX HD, headphones that support it are useless.

Google included a means for phones to have “better quality” or “greater bandwidth” options in a recent Android code modification. This is in preparation for the Pixel 7 series and Pixel 7a, according to a Googlers’ conversation.

One Googler questions if an XML file listing LE Audio codec settings is actually used by Android or just an example. A second Googler provides links to Pixel 7 series and Pixel 7a Bluetooth LE Audio options.

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