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Pixel 6a gets Android 13 beta

Google Pixel 6a android beta

Early Pixel 6a adopters can double their cutting-edge pleasure. Google has added the Pixel 6a to the Android Beta Program and uploaded OTA and factory images. This is the phone’s first beta before Android 13 is released.

Today’s news has no announcement. Google usually announces Android Beta Program modifications in its r/android beta subreddit, but the new device was added without fanfare. Sideloadable OTA images for the Pixel 6a on Android 13 Beta 4.1 have been provided, and owners can opt-in to register the device on the Android Beta Program website. It’s easier than flashing, and the recommended approach this late in the beta game.

Android 13 should be officially available soon if you don’t want to use beta software. Google stated its fourth public beta, released last month, would be its final big beta and that Android 13 was “only a few weeks away.” 9to5Google reports the upgrade could appear in September. Android 12 released last October, while Android 11 debuted in September 2020.

If you don’t mind running beta software and want to experience Android 13 early, visit to Google’s developer site for instructions.

How to Update?

There are several ways to update your phone. First, visit Android’s Beta Program page. Google account login shows eligible devices. If you joined in Android 12 beta, you must enroll again for Android 13. Opt-in to beta updates if your device is supported. Beta software can have flaws, so back up your data before starting.
Second, manually update to beta. Flash the newest system image from Google. You may install Android 13 Beta 4.1 on Pixel 6a using Android Flash Tool. Google Downloads has further info. Check out our comprehensive Android 13 installation guide if you need help. You can leave the beta by opting out. Leaving the beta will wipe your phone’s data, so make a backup beforehand.

What’s New?

Android 13: what’s new? Check out the Android 13 guide for changes. The OS gets cosmetic improvements with themed icons, support for wide screens and tablets, and more. If you’re not adventurous and won’t install Android 13, at least update to the first Pixel 6a OTA. The OTA fixed bugs and updated Android’s security patch to June 2022.

To conclude:

Google has launched Android 13 Beta 4.1 for Pixel 4 and 4 XL and Pixel 6a devices. Google’s Android Beta Program website says users “cannot unenroll and revert to a stable public version of Android without erasing all locally saved data.” Before installing Android 13 beta on Pixel 6a, users should back up their data on Drive or another device. Since Android 13 is a beta update, normal users should avoid installing it, at least on their primary smartphone, as they may encounter bugs.

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