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Home » Pete Lau teases OnePlus foldable phone with images

Pete Lau teases OnePlus foldable phone with images

OnePlus Foldable Phone

Samsung predicts foldable phones will overtake Galaxy S sales by 2025. Apple is developing a flexible phone. In 2020, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau stated foldable phones weren’t ready, and the company didn’t plan to launch one. The company studied the form factor but needed superior display technology.

Smartphone makers are considering foldable models. Huawei, Samsung, and Motorola introduced foldable phones in 2019, and while they’ve gained appeal, their sales still lag behind traditional phones.

Oppo, OnePlus’ sibling business, released the Find N late last year with a flat screen with no wrinkles or gaps.
The OnePlus Fold rumours began immediately after the announcement of the Oppo Find N, which despite being a superb phone couldn’t threaten Samsung’s dominance because it was China-exclusive.
Gary Chen, OnePlus’ software chief, verified the reports earlier this year, claiming the phone would run Android 13-based OxygenOS 13.

Chinese smartphone companies aim to compete in Samsung’s foldable market. Pete Lau, OnePlus co-founder, has hinted about a folding smartphone, although details are unknown. He tweeted two photos of a foldable phone’s hinges, possibly for the upcoming OnePlus phone. If the rumours are genuine, the company may show off the smartphone this year but launch it next year because it previously released the OnePlus 10 Pro and 10T in 2022.

Lau tweeted “what do you think this is” The second image depicts a common folding hinge mechanism. OnePlus had already announced a foldable phone.

OnePlus executive Gary Chen, who controls OxygenOS, said the business is collaborating with Google on a foldable phone. The device may get Android 12L-based OxygenOS. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the first commercial device running Android 12L, developed for foldables and tablets.

Pete Lau, OnePlus’ CEO, has experience with folding phones. He managed Oppo’s Find N folding smartphone’s development. The company stated it wanted to “keep [Find N] within a limit” because it’s its first folding smartphone. If the OnePlus folding phone rumours are true, Lau may bring it to India, where it’s popular.

OnePlus’ foldable phone will then compete with others. Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4. Xiaomi’s Mix Fold 2 and Motorola’s Moto Razr fold were launched (2022).

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