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Parlour App allowed by the Google once again

Parler App

Truth Another anything-goes social network just returned to Google’s app store. Parler, a social app designed to cater to pro-Trump soial media users, has returned to the Google Play Store.

Google banned Parler App last year over worries it incited violence during the Capitol attack. Parler promised to scan for hate speech and clean up some postings on iOS to get back in Apple’s App Store, but the Android version never returned to Google Play. The Android version of Parler App remains on the app’s website for direct download, unlike iOS apps.

A Bloomberg report says that Parler, which bills itself as a place for free speech, has agreed to moderate posts that show up in the Play Store app. The company told The Verge before that it has a similar deal that lets it stay on the App Store: “Anything that is allowed on the Parler network but not in the iOS app will still be available on our web-based and Android versions.” The Android version was available through side-loading at the time, so it didn’t have to follow Google Play’s rules. The company also said that its algorithm could find violent content that went against its rules.

Parler isn’t the only social network that’s been in talks with Google to get on the Play Store. Truth Social, which is run by former president Donald Trump, has had similar problems. Digital World Acquisition Corp., which built the app, claims it’s working “in good faith with Google” to get on its app distribution platform, despite getting more bills. Trump’s posts may violate the Play Store’s user-generated content policy.

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