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Home ยป Oppo Watch 3 with Snapdragon W5 chip: An Apple watch clone

Oppo Watch 3 with Snapdragon W5 chip: An Apple watch clone

Snapdragon W5 chip


Digital Chat Station leaked a render of the two smartwatches today on Weibo. One watch may have the new Snapdragon W5 chip, while the others may use a different wearable S.

This watch series’ look has also been announced. Leaker: The watch will have ECG functionality and LTPO adaptive refresh rate panel.

The Watch 3 Series has rounded sides and a glossy, textured frame like Apple watches. It has a working button and crown. One side has a speaker grill, signalling eSIM standby calling. OPPO 3

The Watch 3 Series’ Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 processor has low power Wi-Fi, GNSS, and audio islands, as well as Deep Sleep and Hibernate.

It supports 3D watch faces, 3D maps, 2-way smart calling, smart device controls, and more. This component may give the Watch 3 Series a longer battery life than the Watch 2 Series. Qualcomm released W5 Gen 1 and W5+ Gen 1 Wear OS chipsets in July. Both SoCs are upgrades over their predecessors and provide Wear OS a fighting chance versus the Apple Watch for the first time in years. Oppo confirmed it would be the first to unveil a W5 Gen 1 wristwatch, with a leak showing an Apple Watch-like appearance. Oppo Watch 3 has a stated four-day battery life in China.

The Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro are Oppo’s 2022 smartwatches (via GSMArena). Both wearables have easily replaceable 5ATM-certified aluminium bands. They contain Qualcomm’s W5 Gen 1 processor. Oppo’s Apollo 4 Plus chip replaces the W5+ Gen 1’s low-power coprocessor.

The greatest Android smartwatches have circular displays, but the Oppo Watch 3 is square. It sports a rectangular chassis with a 1.75-inch AMOLED panel and a rotating crown. 1GB RAM, 400mAh battery, 32GB storage, Bluetooth 5.0, eSIM support, NFC, and 100+ workout modes. The watch’s 400mAh battery lasts four days. In light mode, this can be prolonged to ten days. A full charge takes 60 minutes, and a 10-minute top-up lasts a day.


The Oppo Watch 3 Pro has a 1.91-inch AMOLED LTPO display, a wearable first. The watch’s better display offers Always-on Display. Its 550mAh battery has a claimed five-day life. In LTE mode, the smartwatch’s battery life is four days; in light mode, it’s 15 days. Despite the larger capacity, charging takes over an hour.

Both smartwatches have accelerometers, gyroscopes, heart rate monitors, SpO2, ECG, barometer, and ambient light sensors. They’re on preorder in China and go on sale August 19. The Oppo Watch 3 starts at CNY 1,499 ($220), and the Pro variant costs CNY 1,899 ($275).

Oppo Watch 3 utilises proprietary software in China. If it goes global, it will run Wear OS 3, which could reduce battery life.

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