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Now Available: Chrome 105, Here’s What’s New

Chrome 105

Chrome 105 debuted on August 30, 2022. This update improves Android picture-in-picture functionality and gives web apps additional native-feeling capabilities.

Chrome’s Android Picture-in-Picture

Google Chrome on desktop supports picture-in-picture videos. Android 105 brings the API.

Chrome for Android supports picture-in-picture by leaving the home screen. The API will make it easy to send videos to PiP. Web developers must implement it.

Windows Controls for Web Apps

Google is making PWAs feel more like native apps. Chrome 97 allowed web programmes to use the window’s title bar. Version 105 expands.

Web apps can now change title bar controls like a search bar. Web apps can construct their own close, minimise, and maximise buttons and title bar controls.

Chrome 105: Custom desktop highlights

Chrome 105 could customise Ctrl+F searches based on the webpage you visit. A new Custom Highlight API lets developers customise search overlays. The feature helps third-party spell checkers and plugins that highlight webpage text. Chrome’s new API makes the procedure easier for developers. There are already websites and plugins that do this. Developers will likely use this.

Windows 11-Style Window Tiling on Chrome OS

Chromebooks lag behind Windows PCs in window management, especially with Windows 11. Chrome OS 105 has an experimental functionality like Windows 11’s.

When enabled, you can snap windows to 50/50, thirds, full, or floating. Hover over maximize/minimize to see layouts. Find chrome:/flags/#partial-split.

What Else in new?

Chrome 105 lacks dazzling features, but that’s OK. A lot is happening below the surface. Many of these changes are on Google’s developer site and Chromium’s blog. A few changes are highlighted:

  • With the new Custom Highlight API, websites may decorate the Ctrl + F “Search” feature.
  • Container queries allow developers to layout items based on a container’s size, making pages more responsive.
  • The pseudo class: has() specifies an element that matches the relative selection as an argument.
  • Fetch Upload Streaming lets developers fetch a Readable Stream body.
  • Multiscreen window placement API display tag strings are improved in Chrome 105.

How to download

Chrome 105 for Android phones is currently available. If you don’t have Chrome on your desktop, visit the Chrome website to download it. Chrome:/settings > About Chrome > Check for Updates The new release may take some time to arrive.

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