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Nothing shows what its next earbuds charging case will look like

Nothing Charging Case

Nothing has previewed its second set of genuine wireless earphones. The Ear Stick’s cylindrical charging case debuted during London Fashion Week.

The Ear Stick is a “new product” with a new bud and case, Nothing told The Verge. Nothing says the earbuds are ergonomic and “feather-light” Leaked images of Nothing’s next earbuds show they look like Ear 1. Nothing’s new charging case “inspired by classic cosmetic silhouettes”.

The tech manufacturer only described the earbuds as “feather-light” and “super comfortable.” Mukul Sharma discovered in June that the new product’s design is largely unchanged. Two dots on the stem and “Nothing Ear 1” replaced by “Ear 1 Stick” are the main differences.

Nothing’s new charging case was chattier. The company says the charging case designed to fit in pockets. The charging case design isn’t inspire by “classic cosmetic silhouettes.” This stick-like charging case is a big change from the clear square-shaped Ear 1 case.

We don’t know when or how much the earbuds will cost. Nothing says the full product specs and pricing will reveal this year.

We gave the Ear 1 earbuds 4/5 stars in our review. Multiple noise-cancelling options, fast wireless charging, and comfortable feel were great, but the lack of Bluetooth multipoint, minimal active noise-cancellation, and limited EQ customization were disappointing.

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