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Home » Nextbase iQ is the first smart dash cam and covers every angle.

Nextbase iQ is the first smart dash cam and covers every angle.

Nextbase IQ

Today, cameras are everywhere. Some cameras can be used for bad, yet many do good. Personal protection and security should be top uses. Nextbase said at CES 2022 that it will unveil its next-generation iQ series smart dash cams with 4G LTE connectivity to assist prevent accidents and provide evidence if the worst happens while driving.

Nextbase iQ has two dash-mounted cameras. One camera captures 1080p, 1440p, or 4K footage. The other camera records 1080p or 1440p footage. There are also rumours of a 1440p connected remote camera in the back window. The iQ’s discreet design prevents distractions.

You’ll use voice commands to manage the camera, such as when you want to activate Witness Mode, a new feature that starts a real-time video feed and notifies your emergency contacts. Emergency SOS Response activates when the camera identifies an unresponsive driver.

The new Roadwatch AI monitors other vehicles’ speeds and trajectories quickly and accurately, and the Witness Mode provides hands-free recording, real-time cloud upload, and sharing when things go wrong.

Nextbase IQ enables owners real-time notifications and access to video recordings when away from their automobiles. Drivers can benefit from real-time GPS tracking, smart sense parking, and fast incident notifications with still snapshot visualisation.

Smart Sense Parking, driven by AI-enabled Nextbase Spatial Awareness Technology, captures important moments before and after incidents to maximise security and minimise annoyance.

The clever monitoring system watches your surrounds, including automobiles, pedestrians, and bicycles, and sends real-time notifications to drivers. Series 2 Dash Cams pioneered Nextbase iQ’s automatic emergency warnings with location and other details following a catastrophic accident. Dash cams may sound big brother-ish, but they’re there to safeguard you in any situation.

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