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Home ยป Nearby Share for android will soon work for self-sharing going to be Airpod’s rival

Nearby Share for android will soon work for self-sharing going to be Airpod’s rival

Nearby Share

Nearby Share for android launched in 2020 to share photos and movies with neighbours. Google will improve nearby self-sharing across devices.

The Nearby Share sheet opens after selecting a URL, document, photo, video, or Wi-Fi password. Google-logged phones, tablets, and Chromebooks appear on the left. Selecting a device automatically accepts the transfer.

This works even when the other device’s screen is off, and a notification brings you to the download. Google adds “Your devices” to Everyone and Contacts visibility settings.

Google said Nearby Share will be accessible on Android 6 and later devices in the coming weeks.

How to enable on your device

This new capability works on any Google-logged device. Select your devices from the sharing menu and enable automatic sharing, and the receiving device will accept. Google says the feature works without a screen.

If you don’t see Nearby Share, activate it. To enable Nearby Share, navigate to Settings > Connected devices > Connection Preferences > Nearby Share. To use the function, click the share button on the item you wish to share, and the Nearby symbol will display.

While we’re not surprised by this new capability (shelf-share was discovered earlier this year), whatever Google can do to make gadget sharing easier is excellent.

Nearby Share game-changer

Google’s Nearby Share upgrade auto-receives data transfers on Google-logged devices. Data transfer requires Android 6 or later.

Why? Simply select the Android devices logged into your Google account from the sharing menu to quickly share files between them. After opting in, device-to-device data transfers are automated (even if the screen is turned off).

Like me, you may be wondering: “Well, what about Windows? Can I send files to my PC with Nearby Share?” Not yet, but the Google team is well aware that it’s a highly requested feature.

“We’re working hard to deliver Nearby Share to the devices you use most and want to share files with, including Windows PCs,” Nearby Share product lead Alice Zheng said.

Nearby Share uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, UWB, and WebRTC. Even if you’re offline, you can send a friend a GIF.

Relax about privacy. Google’s device visibility settings let you customize how others see you. Your device can be visible to everyone, a subset of your contacts, or just your own.

Only your contacts can see your Google profile picture. Others see a generic device icon (s).

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