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Material You is a new look for Google Keep on Wear OS.

Wear OS

Google Keep’s Material You revamp modernizes the app and joins Tile for speedier note-taking.

Scrolling to the top of the webpage now shows two notes instead of one. You’ll also notice a pill-shaped FAB that lets you “Create note” or “Create list” Yellow accents have been removed.

Notes in the main view are contained in grey tablets that contrast nicely with the black background, providing better separation. The app was formerly white lettering on black, but the new design makes it less utilitarian, like many Wear OS apps.

Users can read slightly more text per screen when perusing a note, which is a bonus.

Material You debuted in Android 12. The updated design principles incorporate dynamic theming and enhance the apps’ aesthetic. Keep version 5.22.342.03.97 has Material You design elements (via 9to5Google). The app’s yellow accent colour is gone. Each note or list entry on Wear OS is a grey pill that contrasts wonderfully against a black background, a pleasant departure from the antiquated UI with grayscale icons and lines.

The white-on-black style in the Wear OS app has been updated with colorful pill-shaped floating action buttons (FABs). You can create a new note, list, reminder, archive, and pin notes. The new Keep app fits more text on your smartwatch screen, reducing scrolling. When scrolled to the top, you’ll find two notes or lists.

Google Keep will soon function in dual-pane mode for Samsung smartphones running One UI 4.1.1 based on Android 12L, notably the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4, and Tab S8. It support notes that in landscape mode, the app will transition to a dual-pane UI.

Google has another Wear OS app ready for the Pixel Watch’s October launch. When it arrives, Samsung’s dual-pane UI should enhance productivity.

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