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LG latest Fridge plays music and changes colours

LG latest fridge

Manufacturers continue to push new functions into fridges in the name of “innovation.” LG’s MoodUP refrigerator has speakers and color-changing LED doors.

The LG ThinQ app can change the colour of each door’s LED panel on the MoodUP fridge. According to the company there are 22 colors available for the upper door panels, but only 19 for the lower panels for some reason. Users can choose between Season, Place, Mood, and Pop themes.

When used with the fridge’s Bluetooth speaker, the light panels flash to the music. Everyone jokes that the best parties are in the kitchen. LG takes it literally.

The MoodUp has sensors to flash if you leave a door open or to guide you to a midnight snack.

It’s a response to Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerators, which come in a variety of hues. Samsung now prints bespoke photos on the front for a more personalised look. LG’s multicoloured fridge design lets you change colours with a tap. LG says the fridge’s non-illuminated colours create a “traditional aesthetic”

LG’s refrigerator collection includes a Bluetooth speaker that can be paired with a phone or PC. The business says the colours change in tune with music, a feature we associate with better Bluetooth speakers.

LG Fridge/Refrigerator? The maker says it features an AI chip and “advanced refrigeration and smart technology” to boost food freshness. However, the corporation has been mum about other details. According to business photos, there will be a single-door variant and a four-door version.

LG’s InstaView technology might potentially be integrated with MoodUP refrigerators, Engadget says. A mirrored glass panel shows what’s inside the fridge. It activates with a few taps using camera and display tech. LG didn’t give pricing and availability specifics at the show.

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