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Lenovo Glasses T1: Virtual monitor looks nearly normal

Lenovo T1

Lenovo Glasses T1 can transmit mobile content to a virtual screen.

Lenovo is one of the few mainstream consumer electronics firms with high-end XR wearables. ThinkReality A3 smart glasses introduce augmented reality to a device that appears like sunglasses. Glasses T1 forgo metaverse ambitions and become a personal entertainment hub.

The Glasses T1 are a wearable virtual monitor that can connect to your phone or PC. You only need a USB-C or Lightning cable for Android or iPhone. These glasses work with Windows and macOS.

Lenovo’s wearable has micro-LED displays with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. Lenovo’s contrast ratio of 10,000:1 isn’t the best compared to Micro-OLED TV panels or 14-inch MacBook Pro mini-LED screens. Although, Lenovo says it has flicker-reduction technology. Screen refresh rate is only 60Hz. If you’re used to a 90Hz or 120Hz smartphone screen, the Lenovo smart glasses will feel different, especially at close range.

On the downside, these AR glasses have the same issue as others I’ve tested: the screen is so small that you have to tilt your face a certain way to see virtual material. No one wants their vision impaired. They’re tricky to use. They can provide you a virtual monitor in any environment, which is useful for travellers and remote workers.

Lenovo Glasses under $500 would be a great deal.

OPPO’s Air Glass costs $750 and only sells in China; other consumer AR devices like Nreal Light only function with Android phones; while Meta and Google prototypes are years away. Lenovo is making progress in AR while other firms have slipped behind, even if their glasses only reach a small market.

Lenovo Glasses T1 will launch in China in 2022 and “certain markets” in 2023. I hope that includes the U.S., since I’d love to compare them against this year’s productivity-focused Quest Pro.

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