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Leaks reveal a surprising round button and screen size in Apple Watch Pro

Apple watch Pro

Apple Watch Pro rumours reveal a new button and a huge screen.

Apple’s latest revelation will be revealed in two days. The iPhone 14 series will be unveiled September 7 at 7 p.m. Both hardware and software surprises are predicted.

iOS 16 should debut alongside the latest Cupertino phones. This isn’t the only announcement predicted about Apple’s iPads, MacBooks, and smart watches.

The Apple Watch Pro is rumoured to launch this Wednesday. This watch was a mystery, but it has been leaked extensively in recent weeks, and we can learn about several of its capabilities.

Apple Watch Series 8 would launch alongside it. The Apple Device Pro is more advanced in design, screen size, and functionality than this watch. The last leak suggests this.

Leaks indicate rounded sides and a new button.

On Weibo, Uncle Pan and Sonny Dickson leaked third-party protected cases.

One design debate is whether the Apple Device Pro will have rounded edges like prior versions or if old reports of a flat-sided watch apply to this model. The shape of these casings suggests that the Watch will be circular.

The screen’s lip suggests a flat, rather than “bubble”-shaped, display.

One side resembles existing models. Digital Crown, side button, and microphone cutouts visible.

The reverse is true. One is long and the other is oval-shaped. Current models place the speaker centrally on that side. Moreover, this cutting looks off-center.

The second cutout may be for an extra button. This makes sense for a Garmin-targeted Watch, as a physical button is simpler to use with wet hands or when moving (for example, while running).

Warnings apply

Here are third-party cases, not Apple Watch casing parts.

Accessory producers try to receive correct schematics of new Apple devices to launch goods on time. Sometimes, they’re right.

The most obvious interpretation of that extra hole is an additional button, although it’s not certain.

We’ll know soon enough. This week’s Far Out event will be covered live.

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