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Jackery’s Solar Generator 2000 Pro recharges in 1-2 hours.

Jackery 2000 Pro

Jackery’s 2000 Pro solar generator can get a tremendous power from the sun.

Jackery is a popular portable power station brand. We reviewed the Jackery Explorer 1000 in May 2020 and found it to be overpowered. Solar charging restricted to 200W and required eight hours. It wasn’t suitable for someone seeking to lessen their carbon impact and hike for weeks. At IFA 2022, the business will unveil the Solar Generator 1000 Pro, a greener version of its Explorer 1000 power plant.

New model has 1002Wh battery like Explorer 1000. The Solar Generator 1000 Pro has four 200W solar panels, so you can charge it with solar energy and lessen your carbon footprint. It’s also great for camping weekends.

That’s not like that. Jackery claims its new “Ultra-Charging System” can top up the power station’s gigantic battery in just 1.8 hours through the four solar panels or wall charging. The Explorer 1000 recharges in 7 hours. The earlier model accommodated two 100W solar panels and charged in 8 hours.

All six panels and cables weigh more than 150 pounds. This generator doesn’t need oil, a fuel tank (or extra fuel), or dangerous gases.

Jackery’s “industry-leading charging efficiency” lets its six solar panels collect 1200 watts in 2.5 hours of sunlight. That’s fast, but real-world sunshine isn’t as good. If not, charge it in two hours from a wall outlet or 24 hours from a car outlet.

During the lockdown days of the pandemic, there were more #vanlifers and casual campers, which helped the take-it-anywhere power trend. There are now a lot of competitors in the category. However, the Ecoflow Delta power stations, the Goal Zero series of solar generators, the Bluetti line, and the Anker PowerHouse series are all similar to the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro.

This kind of portable power station is not cheap. The Solar Generator 2000 Pro from Jackery will cost $6,199 when it goes on sale on May 12. Moreover, this is the suggested list price from Jackery. I guess that freedom has a price.


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