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It’s time to get yourself a Galaxy GameBoy!

Galaxy Gameboy

Galaxy Gameboy is a GBA, PC, and Switch game. It’s a Metroid or Cave Story-like platformer. Maxwell heroically boarded his experimental ship to save his dying homeworld.

Beyond the point of no return, he’s stuck at the edge of a hostile cosmos, holding out forlorn hope.

Help Maxwell explore exotic realms, discover new friends, and battle sinister powers.

Galaxy GameBoy Features

  • Explore multiple-route levels
  • Collect friendship cards from 50 characters.
  • Find hidden spots
  • Find monsters to blast
  • Jump between planets to explore the galaxy.
  • Specialize your blaster
  • 0.2K (240×160) graphics

Today’s main story comes with a warning. If you like old games, lock your wallet away. You’ll adore Rob Triggs‘ GameBoy phone case for his Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Why should you get one?

  • “Why not? The vintage GameBoy atmosphere originally drew me in.
    This product is great if you value form over function.
  • Beware of breaking two items at once.
  • Buying a phone case? Check out our full guide.
  • Android emulators let you play over 36 classic games without a case. We outline the method, including the best products, here.
  • If you want to imitate retro games legally, you should own them.

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