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Home » It seems Google Pixel 6a’s display is capable of 90Hz, but it’s locked out.

It seems Google Pixel 6a’s display is capable of 90Hz, but it’s locked out.

Pixel 6a

The Google Pixel 6a, a cheaper version of the Pixel 6 for 2021, has gained notice. Pixel 6a’s refresh rate was reduced to cut costs. Pixel 6 and 6a have similar screens. Pixel 6a’s refresh rate is 60Hz, while Pixel 6’s is 90Hz.

There is no indication that all smartphones can operate at a greater refresh rate than the Pixel 6a. TheLunariXus, a Twitter user, showed a Pixel 6a running at 90Hz. Nathan says the Pixel 6a’s Samsung-made panel may refresh at 120Hz or higher.

A user-facing toggle for a 90Hz option can put the device into a 90Hz display mode, according to’s Mishaal Rahman and @TheLunarixus.

All of this is still evolving. Videos on Twitter can’t demonstrate a high refresh rate in action, but Android’s optional overlay that shows the current refresh rate and UFO framerate testing might.

How to enable?

To enable 90Hz mode on the Google Pixel 6a, flash a customised display driver, which only works on specific devices. Mishaal Rahman said installing a customised driver could make the gadget green and inoperable. Some experts have unlocked 90Hz mode, but others’ drivers do nothing. Enabling 90Hz mode on the Pixel 6a is not recommended, especially for a daily driver. Follow the embedded Twitter thread for more Pixel 6a 90Hz updates.

What’s up with Pixel 6a’s refresh rate?

Since the Pixel 6a has the same processor as the Pixel 6, Google can’t argue that processing demands constrained the refresh rate. All hardware that affects the phone’s refresh rate seems to be up to par. What’s wrong?

Google may artificially decrease the phone’s refresh rate to differentiate it from the Pixel 6. Google may also say it has the user’s experience in mind since higher refresh rates drain the battery faster.

Google hasn’t responded yet. If we hear back, we’ll update.

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