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iPhone 14 Pro: what we know so far

iPhone 14 Pro

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Model

In 2022, Apple will release new iPhone models in the fall. We foresee 6.1- and 6.7-inch iPhones. Two will be normal, more cheap variants dubbed the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, while the other two will be “Pro” editions called the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

6.1-inch “iPhone 14 Pro” and 6.7-inch “iPhone 14 Pro Max” are expected in 2022. Apple may update the Face ID camera on the iPhone 14 Pro versions, according to rumours.

The 14 Pro may have two display cuts instead of a notch. A pill-shaped cutout will house the Face ID dot projector and other components, and a circular cutout will house the front-facing camera. Non-Pro models should keep their notch.

Titanium might replace the stainless steel utilised for the iPhone 13 Pro’s chassis. Titanium would set the 14 Pro different from aluminum-bodied iPhone 14 variants.

14 Pro cameras will improve. Apple may release a 48-megapixel camera and 8K video recording. The telephoto lens and Ultra Wide camera may be improved. The 48-megapixel Wide camera, improved telephoto lens, and LiDAR Scanner are Pro-only. All front-facing cameras could have a larger aperture and autofocus.

The 14 Pro models may have an improved A16 chip while the non-Pro models continue to use the A15 chip in the iPhone 13 series. If it happens, Apple will put a speedier chip in a Pro iPhone for the first time. In the previous, both iPhones used the same chip.

Pro Design

Some iPhone 14 versions will be notchless, rumours say the Pro variants.

Apple will use cutouts instead of a notch. Originally, speculations indicated Apple will include a single hole-punch cutout for the front-facing camera, but additional evidence indicates there would be two.

Ross Young expects pill-shaped and circular cutouts. The circular cutout will presumably house the front camera, and the pill-shaped cutout will include Face ID and other components. Weibo pictures leak a 5.631mm round cutout.

Apple may also aim to install some Face ID hardware behind the iPhone’s display, which will reduce the size of the cutouts and leave more screen space on the front of the device, although this isn’t certain.

Rumoured Released Date

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman seems to have the strongest iPhone 14 intel thus far. He reports that the iPhone 14 event will come on September 7. The 14 Pro and new Apple Watches should be released then.

Gurman suggests September 16 for the phones’ release. Apple shop personnel have apparently been warned to prepare for a huge release on that date.

Supposedly, iPhone 14 preorders will begin September 9, two days after Apple’s announcement.

Rumoured Price

Recent reports and hints suggest the 14 Pro will cost $100 more. The 14 Pro may cost $1,099 and the Pro Max $1,199.

Some tech tipsters say the 14 Pro will start with 256GB of storage, not 128GB. Haitong International analyst Jeff Pu said Apple will stay with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage options for the 14 Pro.

Apple is likely to stop making the iPhone 13 mini when it comes out with a new iPhone. If you bought an iPhone 13 before the iPhone 14 range releases, don’t panic.

The iPhone 14 Max may be a cheaper way to purchase a larger-screened iPhone than the iPhone 14 Pro.

While the iPhone 14 Pro will feature big enhancements, we can’t ignore the iPhone 14 Max. The iPhone 14 Max could be the phone to beat in the fall with its larger screen and lower pricing.

Specs and battery life

Following the A15 Bionic, we’d expect an A16 Bionic chip in the iPhone 14 Pro series, with better performance.

The iPhone 14 is rumoured to stick with the A15 Bionic CPU, creating a difference in fundamental specs. This would be a first for Apple, which has always refreshed iPhone silicon, but it may not be the last rumours regarding the iPhone 15.

A15 Bionic is still a strong chip that can handle most smartphone tasks. So we’ve considered what the A16 could offer to justify buying an iPhone 14 Pro over a basic iPhone 14.

DigiTimes says the iPhone 14 Pro will have 6GB of LPDDR5 RAM while the standard iPhone 14 could have LPDDR4X. LPDDR5 is the latest RAM technology, thus it should make the 14 Pro fly with the A16 Bionic.

There are no definite rumours about the iPhone 14 Pro’s storage capacity.

According to a Weibo source, all iPhone 14 models save the Pro Max will get a slightly larger battery. The 14 Pro Max is downsizing, but it shouldn’t affect battery life.

The iPhone 14 Pro should match or beat the iPhone 13 Pro’s 11 hours and 42 minutes in our battery test, which reloads web pages on a cellular connection until it dies. The iPhone 13 Pro Max lasted 12 hours and 16 minutes, so we expect Apple to improve processor and phone efficiency on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The 14 Pro may employ a smaller 5G modem chip. The reduced size should use less power and allow the battery to expand. That would boost the iPhone 13’s already-impressive battery life.

The 14 Pro may not have Qualcomm’s new 5G Snapdragon X70 processor. The chip will include a 5G AI processor, the first of its kind, which should allow the modem system to use artificial intelligence to optimize a phone’s antenna and better manage 5G beams going to and from a 5G phone. Qualcomm figures that will be particularly useful for mmWave-based 5G networks in places like stadiums and arenas, though AI can also help manage sub-6GHz 5G signals as well.

In addition to its cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, the 14 Pro could also gain the ability to connect to satellite networks. That’s a feature that first emerged in the build-up to last year’s iPhone 13 launch; while the capability didn’t arrive in time for those phones, reliable tipsters say emergency satellite communications are a possibility for the iPhone 14 models. The idea is that when you’re in an area without good cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity, you can send text messages to emergency services over satellite networks, alerting them to your location.

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