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iPhone 11 or iPhone 13: Does upgrading worth it?

iPhone 11 or iPhone 13

Should you buy the iPhone 11 or the newer, more powerful iPhone 13? If you’re curious, this article compares the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 13 is an incremental increase over the iPhone 12, but a big departure from the iPhone 11. You get a flat-sided iPhone, a new screen technology, a speedier processor, enhanced cameras, and more. It’s also lighter and prettier (in our subjective opinion, of course). The iPhone 13 costs $800, while the iPhone 11 costs $500, a $300 difference.

The iPhone 11’s lowered pricing of $499 is pretty appealing, given the iPhone 13 costs $799 for the same size display. The iPhone 11 is approaching its third birthday, yet we still think it rivals the iPhone SE (2022).

The iPhone 13 is the latest model. You won’t miss any hardware or software features by buying it, but it’s expensive.

With four iPhone 13 models available, choose one. So read the whole debate first. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max reviews are available.

iPhone 13 in a Nutshell

  • The iPhone 13 features a flat-edge design with narrower borders and a smaller notch.
  • The iPhone 13 has an OLED screen, whereas the iPhone 11 has an LCD screen.
  • Only the iPhone 13 supports HDR.
  • Brighter iPhone 13 screen Faster chip 128GB vs 64GB base storage
  • iPhone 13’s dual camera system has been upgraded.
  • iPhone 13 has a longer battery life.
  • The iPhone 13 has MagSafe, while the iPhone 11 only has standard wireless charging.


The iPhone 13’s improved performance over the iPhone 11 makes it worth upgrading. 5G connectivity, a brighter OLED display, and improved primary and ultra-wide cameras are must-haves. The iPhone 13 also has cinematic mode and a superior night mode. Also, the iPhone 13’s basic storage starts at 128GB, a nice change.

iPhone 13 will keep you engaged and manage anything you throw at it if you want pro-level functionality. If you’re looking for a discount, the iPhone 11 is a terrific pick.

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