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Home » IFA 2022 launch: Honor 70, Pad 8 and MagicBook 14

IFA 2022 launch: Honor 70, Pad 8 and MagicBook 14

IFA 2022

Honor was one of IFA 2022 loudest manufacturers. Honor wants to use two flagship ranges, like Samsung. Dual Flagship Strategy should help Honor enter the foldable smartphone market shortly.

We can consequently expect at least two high-end smartphones per year. Two models: “regular” and folding. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 sales have doubled from last year. A pick that reflects Honor’s intentions to return to the forefront despite its separation from Huawei.

Honor revealed its new Dual Flagship plan at IFA 2022, launching foldable phones abroad. Since the firm is “Embracing the Connected Future,” it teased MagicOS 7.0, which connects smartphones, PCs, and IoT devices.

Let’s go over fresh launches before discussing other big announcements. Honor 70 is now available in Europe. In the UK, an 8/128GB unit costs £480 (or three $160 payments). In mainland Europe, 8/128GB costs €550 and 8/256GB costs €600. Honor 70 review available.

Honor Pad 8 also launches today. Europe will get the 12″ tablet. In the UK, a 4/128GB model costs £250 (or 3x £83.33), while a 6/128GB variant costs €350.

The new Honor MagicBook 14 boasts a 12th-gen Intel Core i5-12500H processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2050 GPU. First Honor notebook with OS Turbo, which boosts energy efficiency by 20%. The 75Wh battery can standby for 17 hours. Fast charging equals 3.5 hours of use in 15 minutes.

In several European areas, pre-orders for the Intel-powered MagicBook 14 begin today. The standard i5 version costs €1,099, while the RTX2050 discrete GPU adds €1,299. 18 September begins deliveries and sales. Honor has a new MagicBook 14 with a Ryzen 6000 processor, but it hasn’t reached Europe yet.

Spatial Audio employs accelerometers and gyroscopes to monitor your head and create an immersive 3D sound staging. Spatial Audio can place virtual sound sources 15cm (6in) or 10m away (33ft). This tech can also be used for movies, music, and games.

Honor teamed with Arloopa to challenge two renowned artists to develop an on-location AR experience in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) based on the landmark Wasserschloss building.

Let’s discuss Dual Flagship. It will bring “future foldable flagship smartphones and all-round flagship smartphones” to Europe and other regions.

Honor’s first foldable, the Magic V, is already listed on European sites. We’ll keep a look out for price and debut date (the “upcoming” could be the next foldable, not the Magic V). The Magic4 series and its sequels will remain the “all-around flagship.”

Price and launch date

Honor 70 8/128 GB costs 549€ and 8/256 GB costs 599€. Honor Pad 8 costs $349. There’s no US release date or price for these models.

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