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How thieves are utilizing cellphone cameras

Cellphone Cameras

Another reason why you should not leave your stuff in your vehicle is cellphone Cameras. Car thieves in Memphis, according to authorities, are using their cell phone cameras to peer through tinted windows.

During a crime discussion in the Cooper-Young neighborhood, Crump station officers stated that criminals were employing a novel method to locate objects to steal.

They informed the group that regardless of the darkness of the window tint, a camera-enabled cell phone can look right through the windows.

We placed a cell against a rear window, and sure enough, it was possible to view everything in the backseat.

Thieves are breaking into cars to steal pistols, handbags, and other valuables. Police advocate utilising a lockable box or safe to store a firearm in a car.

First half 23 member Current glass or glazing allows low-light areas to look through high-light areas while inhibiting the reverse. When the phone’s camera is close to the glass, the distance between them is zero, allowing inside viewing.

In the past, criminals who wanted to peer inside had to cover their faces. Using the camera, they are simply operable by holding the phone over them.

The police department advises users to be cautious if someone approaches their home or vehicle and picks up the phone. In addition, they should park their vehicle in a well-lit place near surveillance cameras, activate alarms if accessible, and avoid leaving valuables in the car.

The police also recommended that you always lock your vehicle, park in well-lit areas, check your car alarm if you have one, and consider installing surveillance cameras around your home to catch potential burglars.

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